Bethesda Young Adults are a multi-ethnic group who gather for community, celebrations and personal growth. 

The term 'Young Adults' actually encompasses two core groups of individuals, both Post-Secondary Students and Young Professionals. If we're being picky (which we are not usually) Young Adults most commonly refers to a group of individuals aged 18-30 years of age (sometimes 18-35). 

Bethesda YA provides the ability for everyone within this age bracket to find opportunities to connect and thrive while studying or working in the St. John's area. You'll see that we accomplish this through small groups, events & outings, YA cafes, Bible studies, and more. 

The main thing, is you come as you are

We want to know you're coming, please take a moment to fill out the infomation below and Pastor Crystal or one of our YA connect team members will contact you.

See you soon!


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Pastor Crystal Card

Crystal Card is the Youth & Young Adult Pastor at Bethesda. 

"I love to meet new students and young professionals, and hope that I can help them find avenues to become at home at Bethesda and in the St. John's area (if they are new to it).

My goal is to help students find a sense of belonging and know that they have advocates all around them in their local church, from their peers to those who have walked in their footsteps in years gone by."

If you're simply here to study and want support, or you're looking to plug in and get involved in your local church, contact us today!